Welcome to bricolangue


translations and language editing in philosophy, history, social sciences and cultural studies


The challenge of translations is to transfer a text into another language, not only regarding its content and meaning, but also into the cultural, academic or intellectual world of this language, so that the unique qualities of the orginial are preserved in tone and colour.

bricolangue offers translations from English, French or Dutch into German and from German into English, as well as language editing for English texts.

My main focus is humanities, social sciences and cultural studies. However, I am of course happy to accept translations of non-academic texts as well.

bricolangue - bricolage and langue - represents the creative combination this demands. The term bricolage was introduced to social studies by the French ethnologist Claude LÚvi-Strauss in his introduction to his concept of 'wild thinking' ("to take and combine what is there"). For him, bricolage is a reorganisation of immediately available signs or events into new structures which are not predefined. This image is central to my translation practice.


On this website, you will find information on my working method, my experience and background. Should you need further information or more details, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or telephone.

Brita Pohl